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12-1-14   We were out in pretty decent conditions again today,,,light southerly swell was all we really had to deal with,,,,I also loved the temps today,,fishing in short sleeves in December is nice...Well some of the guys got into some real nice Togs again today,,,Hugh took home the pool with a Jumbo that went between 11-12 pounds,,after we confirmed he won the pool he let the big female go to live another day,,,Nice Job Hugh,,,as in previous days to we busted off some real big fish as well,,Just could not stop em and they got shaved off..The guys that were on there game today caught a limit of Togs,,,some had 3-4 etc...Some like yours truly could only feed em,,,they were very picky,,,lots of picking the baits off the hooks and leaving you with nothing to swing at,,or just swinging and missing.. ,,,myself and others were good at fattening em up for someone else...In the end some guys did and some didn't...Check out some pics,,,tomorrow we are gonna shape up to fish but the forecast is not good..You can either come down and have coffee or give me a call and by 6ish I should know if you we are gonna go...Its supposed to start blowing pretty hard our of the east after midnite but maybe they will be wrong...See ya tomorrow..

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