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1-9-14 Well we finally made it back out after all that cold weather..The ocean was beautiful today,,flat calm and a nice clean green...When we left the river this morning the water temp.was 33 degrees,,,have not seen it that cold in a while...Some icebergs going out to see as well....Our first area we fished was lifeless,,just like last weekend..We needed to find some good life so we took a ride offshore and had warmer water and alot more life than we have been seeing lately...The perch were chewing which was a good sign,,,we caught a few blackfish but all were small,,,,what we did see was a few nice Codfish as you can see in the pics below,,and the guys who wanted to get some meat for dinner tried ling fishing and those that did were rewarded with some nice large size ling for dinner...We used gulp for em and even I went down and  nailed a half dozen pretty quick...Some also tried bergall strips and did well to...This is the time of year where we start catching some of these other species...Since the blackfish limit is down to 4 fish we will be fishing areas that not only have some real giant Togs,(,actually this is the time of year when we see all of our biggest blackfish come up)you will have the chance to catch a codfish or ling as well..I dont really see us fishing to shallow..probably 100-140ft so make sure you have some heavier lead...White crabs are available at our tackle shop here in the Belmar Marina if you want to use whites..WE supply the green crabs..see ya for coffee!!pics..

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