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Fluke Combo Rod/Reel Comparison

Fluke rod and reel combination are made up of stiff rods and strong reels that enable an angler to fish bottom dwelling fish – such as fluke. The purpose of using a fluke rod is in order to keep stress off the line and tip of the rod while trying to wrangle in larger or stronger bottom dwellers.

Most fluke rods are purchased in order to chase after fluke, but these rods are exceptional at catching any bottom feeding fish. Here are four fluke rods that are excellent choices for both fluke and non-fluke fishing and within manageable price ranges. Many of these rods are one and two pieces but that should not discourage any buyer from the overall strength a fluke rod carries when in use out on the ocean.


PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Fishing Combo

The best and most available brand when searching for fluke rod is PENN. With various styles and reel types PENN is able to reach a wide variety of salt water angler. The PENN Squall Level Rod & Reel combination allows for one of the better option out of the four rods described here, but also commands the highest price as well at $166.49.

The Squall Level rod and reel set is certainly for the serious angler, but can be easily operated with success by an intermediate or casual salt water fishing hobbyist. Some of the features with this rod include: Wind leveling which allows for tracking larger game fish in saltwater conditions found all over New Jersey, HT-100 carbon fiber drag system to help wrangle those larger fish and also the rod is one solid piece. Having a strong one-piece fishing rod will enable the angler to pull up giant game fish without having to worry about freak accident snaps and fall apart traveling rods.


PENN Battle II Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

The PENN Battle II is an elite rod for the serious or professional angler. Coming in both medium heavy and medium light and sold between six and a half and seven feet long, this rod and reel combination is perfect for boat trips, piers, or bay fishing all across the Garden State.

Some of the features with this rod are that it comes in two pieces making it easier to travel with, the body is fully metal to help combat the weakness derived from a two-piece rod, and the spool is machined and anodized aluminum. Those fancy features make up one rod that will surely be battled tested out on the water and all for the reasonable price of $102.99.


PENN Fierce II Spinning Fishing Reel & Rod Combo

The PENN Fierce II Spinning Reel and Rod allow for more fiscal flexibility then the last two rods, but still offer everything needed to tackle fluke and other bottom dwelling fish around the Jersey coast or any other coast for that matter.

The Fierce II is just as strong as the other rods, but comes stock with an anti-reverse barring in order to keep a fish on the line no matter what the ocean current is throwing out that day. This rod is certainly for the intermediate, expert, advanced or professional sea angler and comes in several styles and lengths all priced modestly at $79.99. Out of all four rods you will read about within this review this is the top rod I would endorse for just about any angler for any fishing environment.


PENN Pursuit II Spinning Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

The PENN Pursuit II and III models of fluke rod really give the angler as many choices as possible when selecting a simple to operate rod and reel combination. The Pursuit line of fluke rod allows for more flexibility with various rod thicknesses and lengths to accommodate any seasoned angler.

The differences between the Pursuit II and Pursuit III are minimal, but vitally important when it comes to pricing and suitability to the individual fisherman. The Pursuit II holds limited options when considering rod make up and length and varies between $59.99 and $69.99 brand new. The added features that come with the Pursuit II are an oiled felt drag system and the rod is extremely lightweight. An oiled felt system allows for just as much drag as the other PENN models but without restricting any speed when leading a game fish on.

The Pursuit III Spinning reel and rod combination allows far more options when it comes to materials used for constructing the rod. There are also more options when it comes to the overall length of the rod ranging anywhere from seven feet to the largest rod in this review at ten feet long. Prices for the Pursuit III also vary between $59.99 and $89.99 brand new. The Pursuit III carries less features then the Pursuit II, but makes up for it with medium heavy and heavy rod constructions suitable for anglers of all shapes and sizes.




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