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Tried a couple new area's in the AM today, figured with a good incoming it was the perfect chance to see if we could find some new life. Didn't give it much time and only found a Couple shorts, some sharks, skates and sea Robbins, so for me, that area isn't ready yet.

Worked our way back to the West, got mugged by a Supposed to be Pro on the drop I was fishing, while everyone aboard couldn't be-leave it, I told them it was common...enough said. Left the area and waited for the change of tide and some West wind to get a drift.

When it came we Slugged away the rest of the day with High hooks landing 3 fish each. No limits today and It wasn't easy fishing once again. Certainly much better than yesterday with a couple fish going from 3-5 up to 7.7 pounds. Charles landed the beauty of a Pool fish at 7.7 pounds, his son also had one at 4 pounds. Alisha had one at 6.8 pounds fishing in the Stern.

My Buck-tail boy's fishing in the bow worked hard and only landed a few fish for the effort today.....They never quit though!
Back at it tomorrow.

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